The Anatomy of Self-Sabotage

Question: Do you have any blind spots?
Answer: Yes. But don’t worry. I know where they are?


In 2002, Donald Rumsfeld generated much commentary around his statement: “There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And… it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

You can begin worrying when someone tells you not to worry because they know their blind spots. Blind spots, by definition, mean that we are blind to them. So there would be some hope if we at least acknowledged the fact that we know that we don’t know the unknown, and that we certainly don’t know the unknown unknowns.

How many of our problems are created or at least exacerbated by our own self-sabotage, by our inability to concede the problem and our role in it, by our difficulty to seeing clearly and objectively? How many problems would be solved if we recognized that we don’t know the unknown and the unknown unknowns?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening (no pun intended) presentation on the invisible things we do to block and sabotage ourselves from achieving our cherished aspirations and goals. There are many things we do that are self-destructive, and there are many reasons why we do these things, some more obvious than others. In this session you will learn to dissect the anatomy of your own self-defeating behavior, uncover the underlying roots that cause you to see things through the colored lenses of your prejudices and self interest, and above all — discover tools to transcend your blinds spots, and embrace the unknown unknowns. And when you do, you can then begin to actually know the unknowable.

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7 years ago

Thank you for all you do, and reminding us that we are all just temporary travelers with physical bodies.The sound of your voice brings a sense of security and a great calm and focus into a harried world.

7 years ago

Thank you For your healing clear words
who enter the Heart

Bless your work 100 fold

I would love to know if you have Had a class regarding raising children. I love when you mention small advice here and there.

I think a class on children from young ages to teenagers would be a big blessing for many parents to hear your advice from what how the Torah says to raise your child in this crazy world.

To discipline to not
To let go let live
Learning from children negative things while bringing it home
To give take rewards
How to teach G-D fearing children with Love towards Hashem

Plus much more

I’m sure if you made a class even classes on this subject you’d be saving many Lives Homes family’s marriages and especially children.

Like you mentioned in this class how
It brings tears to your eyes to know the the suffering children go through even when loved by their parents. People parents are lost which your words I’m sure will do miraculous work entering the hearts of many in body mind heart soul

Bless you

6 years ago

So enjoy learning from you. Where can I find a list of all your talks?

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