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Are You Driven? Omer Workshop Session Three


Are You Driven? Omer Workshop Session Three

How often have we heard the story of the shy and quiet child, misunderstood and unappreciated, who turns out to contain enormous skills and strengths, but was simply lacking drive and ambition to express him or her self? How many of our own abilities remain unrealized due to weak impetus? What is the role of drive and endurance (netzach) in our lives, and how can we cultivate this power? What does it take to ignite our potential?

As we enter the fourth week of the powerful, 3325-year old Omer system of personal refinement and character development, please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dissects our drive, endurance and persistence tools (netzach). Discover methods to diagnose your life skills, to identify your strengths and weaknesses and incorporate techniques to access and improve your inner ambitions, and how this can radically improve your situation. This is the third of a series of classes dedicated to exploring all our emotional faculties to help us enhance our lives and relationships.

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