Are You Growing and Bearing Fruit?

What We Can Learn From Trees: Tu-B’Shvat Workshop

It’s truly exquisite: It blossoms in the summer, sheds its leaves in the fall (with a display of dazzling diverse color), goes into deep freeze in the winter, only to be reborn again in the spring. It survives storms by not fighting but yielding to the gale winds. It has deep roots and bears beautiful fruits. It lives on, and gives birth to generations. It serves both as a protector and a filter. Its leaves absorb toxins and exude clean oxygen. Everything that falls from it yields benefits. It stands strong and grows all at once. It grows in two opposite directions at the same time. Its shade protects and its wood provides shelter (homes, furniture). We can lean on it for support and sustain ourselves from its fruits. From its initial taproot to its spreading lateral roots it seeks out and builds an efficient and silent (and out-of-sight) network of sustenance. Everything about it offers us invaluable life lessons. For, after all, the human is like a tree of the field.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this illuminating Tu-B’Shvat journey into the heart and soul of a tree and discover powerful and surprising lessons that address everything from battling fear and anxiety to building loving and enduring relationships. Learn how some of your most important questions are answered by a thing standing right outside your window. You will never look at a tree quite the same way again.

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