Becoming Selfless Through Kabbalah

Though selfishness is not very flattering, selflessness also doesn’t always seem very appealing. Being called selfless today is often equated with being a pushover, a wimp, naive. Selflessness, conventional wisdom argues, may score points with God and provides fodder for award ceremonies and eulogies, but it doesn’t get you anywhere in this world. If you want to make it, we are told, you can’t be selfless; you need to be a go-getter, protecting and fighting for your self interests.

That may be true for short gains and immediate gratification. But when you look at the things that endure in life, what is remembered and lives on, you can always trace long-lasting impact to a form of selflessness. Why then is selflessness so underappreciated and even derided in our culture?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dissects yet another vital, yet neglected and forgotten topic, which impacts every part of our lives. What is selflessness and what critical role does it play in our successes and our relationships? Discover how this seemingly silent and invisible disposition is more powerful than aggression and arrogance. Learn how the Kabbalistic concept of selflessness (bittul) is the secret all true achievements and growth. And how introducing it into your life can literally transform your reality from an impermanent existence to an eternal one, from a mediocre exercise in survival to a majestic and triumphant journey into transcendence.

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