Bucket List Ideas

If you were to list the five most important things you want to accomplish in your life, what would they be?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this special tribute to his mentor — the Rebbe — in which he discusses five foundational principles he learned from his teacher, which radically transformed his life, and can transform your life as well. Discover how these principles can guide you in creating your personalized list of goals you want to achieve in your life, which in turn will help you focus all your activities and interactions toward a cohesive plan of fulfilling your calling in this world.

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Jennifer Bahssin
3 years ago

Humbled by your kindness to me for honoring my Mom, and deeply grateful for this powerful message. Still searching for my mission and trying to come into my true self and realize potential so as not to waste the gifts G-d gave me and be able to give something back. Will make the lists and keep working at it. Your guidance is so appreciated!
Thank you again for the kind words and honor to my Mother.
Love & Gratitude,

The Meaningful Life Center