Do You Feel Secure? What Can We Rely On and What Defines True Safety

Security is a vital need in every person’s life. Children need secure homes, dependable parents and reliable schedules to grow into self-confident adults. Adults spend their lives building security for themselves and their families. Virtually every aspect of a wholesome and successful life requires solid and unwavering foundations, like a deeply rooted tree.

But what happens when our conventional security blankets have been stripped away from us? Besides for feeling disconcerted and unnerved, we are challenged to ask ourselves: What indeed defines true security? Is it our health, our jobs, our money, our equity? Can anything in the material world assure us of permanent safety? After all, everything material is impermanent and perishable; everything mortal erodes and ultimately dies. How then can we find security in an ephemeral reality? What will provide us with everlasting and trustworthy safety, and what can we truly depend on?

As part of our new Corona series offering empowering resources in these challenging times, we are pleased to offer you a special program in which Rabbi Jacobson addresses the question on all our minds today: Where can I find security and safety in a time when all our usually reliable systems and schedules have been upended and disrupted? The answer lies in discovering deeper resources that perhaps have never been accessed. When your conventional outer world has been destabilized, you can find permanent and enduring security within your inner self.

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