Do You Hate Yourself?

How Our Challenges Shape Our Self-Perception

Why do some people have a better self image of themselves than others? What factors contribute most to a child growing up secure and confident? Is anyone born unhappy and despondent? Is self-esteem inherent or acquired? Let’s be more personal and vulnerable. Frankly put: Do you love or hate yourself? Beyond the surface level, how much of your life is driven by fear? How many of your decisions are shaped by pleasing others as opposed to expressing your self? Is your reputation more valuable to you than being honest and true to yourself? Beyond appearances, how self-assured are you? Do you project an air of confidence only to be hiding deep inner shame or insecurity? As you can see, once you open up the Pandora’s box of self-esteem the questions never end.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Shemot workshop and discover a most unlikely source for discovering the secrets to building and fortifying inner strength and self-confidence: This week’s Torah portion, which reveals for us, through the story of human suffering, the forces that build or break the human spirit and dignity. Learn about the majesty of your being, how to identify the powers that undermine your security and above all — how to reclaim your self — your birthright.

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