Einstein’s Lesson on How to Think Outside the Box

What does it mean to think outside the box? And what is the box? Consider the box to be our own subjectivity and prejudices, as well as our habitual patterns of thinking, what is otherwise known as “common sense”. When is common sense useful, and when is it a hindrance to progress?  Join best-selling author and counselor-to-thousands Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a short, powerful discussion of how Albert Einstein thought about thinking outside the box. Are you ready to “think different”?

This is an excerpt from: How to Think Outside the Box

Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Inclusivity: Am I My Label?
Wednesday, May 3, 2023 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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5 years ago

Thank you!
I am new to your teachings and assuming this was today’s soul workout(?).
It was good! To think oustside the box!
Way easier said than done, but I like the challenge and gentle guidance to restructure my thinking.
Still thinking hard about the “3rd. Option” lecture. Immensely helpful and it seems applicable to so many conflicts that confront me daily.
So glad to have found you and grateful for your generosity!

7 months ago

I think the box is what I think I’m capable of doing when what I am actually capable of is outside the box. That’s to say if I can think outside the box I begin to see what I’m actually capable of doing. Also what was limiting me was the box I created around me. Certainly outside influences helped shape the box but I alone built it and live in it. So I can renovate or scrap the whole project and go looking outside the box. Thanks for the lesson.

7 months ago

Amen and excellent! Moshiach now!

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