When You Have Everything Except Dignity

You may have a brilliant mind, a sensitive heart, a warm soul, but seem to be lacking dignity. You may be wealthy, have everything one can hope for, but are missing a sense of pride and self-respect. Where does that leave you?

This is not merely an academic question. It lies at the core of some of our biggest challenges. Honor and dignity is the foundation of a healthy psyche. The lack thereof is the root of so many (if not all) of our personal, psychological and social battles and strife. The profound dissonance that currently exists between our unprecedented prosperity and our unparalleled lack of personal esteem is staggering. We may know the price of everything, but do not know the value of anything. We read more and more about less and less. Prosperity vs. value. What can be done about this gross imbalance?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this pre-Tisha B’Av discussion about a 2000 year old methodology for remedying the assault on dignity and the resulting fractured psyche. Discover the Kabbalistic formula of evaluating and diagnosing your own “ten spheratic” faculties, and identifying your state of dignity in relation to your cognitive and emotional health. Acquire proven techniques and recipes for rebuilding any shortcomings in your personality. Learn to repair a shattered psyche or enhance a healthy one.

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7 years ago

“Birth is G-d saying that you matter.” Beautiful story!

Marcia Huttner
7 years ago

I enjoyed your lecture very much. However, I believe you said that G-d loves us and wants us here, so does that mean when we die or get sick that he doesn’t love us?

Harry Pearle
7 years ago

A hopeful thought just came to mind as I was listening to your Dignity talk.

Here in Rochester, NY there is the George Eastman House, which is only a few blocks from my house. It is near our Rochester Yeshiva. The GE House was the home of George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak and a pioneer in the development of photography.

Because of Kodak, photography became popular with the great masses of people. Kodak also developed movie film, But as film became more popular, the value of the single image became less interesting to many people. And know we have digital photography and we are swamped with information and info-mania.

Perhaps what we need to do is to slow down and and look at the single image and the video clip so we can focus on key elements in life and not be overwhelmed by information.

By slowing down, each person might hope to find key elements in life that can make a difference for him and for others. So, I found one key, near by home at the George Eastman House… Thank you Rabbi Jacobson and have a good fast…

7 years ago

Brilliant ! So deep yet so soft. Thank you.
May G-d bless you and your Family till 120!
Gut Schabbos and fast well.

The Meaningful Life Center