Find Your Soul Mate

All the content of romantic novels and movies is captured in just a few sentences in the Bible: G-d created an androgynous human being and then he split them apart.

Why are men attracted to women, and women to men? Because you are sensing that the other person has something that will lead you together to a great place. The search for a soulmate is really the search for yourself.

Essentials Of An Eternal Bond

6 Keys to Finding Your Soulmate

The first key to finding your true soulmate is recognizing your own soul. Get the 6 Keys straight to your inbox and experience the relationship you deeply desire.

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maria prinita
7 years ago

i want the full details of my soulmate

maria prinita
7 years ago

could you get me the nature how,why,where and when i may find my soulmate?

Avrahom Dovid (in Jerusalem)
6 years ago
Reply to  maria prinita

Be as appealing as possible…
Keep learning, and most importantly pray to the ALMIGHTY FOR HEAVEN’S HELP…!

Avrahom Dovid (in Jerusalem)
6 years ago

CLEAN, CLEAR and TRUE… Rabbi Jacobson has a way of capturing the DNA of the matter. Very refreshing, short & sweet.

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