Gone With the Wind

Are you a floater? A free spirit? Do you know how to ground yourself and not just fly away in the clouds?

The temperament of air, as its name implies, represents a light spirited, flexible and expansive personality – an ability to be flexible and open to new experiences, someone who easily let’s go of things without carrying heavy baggage. Think of a social butterfly; flitting and flying around, breezing through life, untethered and free.

These beautiful qualities also have their challenges. The airy personality can be ungrounded and even superficial, with no real anchor or purpose.

Join Rabbi Jacobson on this breezy journey through air and wind and learn how to cultivate these features within you, enabling you to soar to great heights, while also harnessing, balancing and grounding them in your life on earth. To have your head in the sky, but your feet firmly planted on the ground.

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