How Can a Good G-d Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Life is often fraught with challenges and difficulties. Yes, there are many times where life is thankfully filled with celebrations, joy, happiness, beautiful events and experiences. But there is no person on earth who hasn’t also been affected by the other part of life, the pain and suffering, the distress and anxieties – everybody has dealt with this in their own personal lives.

Which brings us to the age-old question: How can a good G-d allow bad things to happen? If G-d is just, how can injustice occur? Why are good people made to suffer?

There are those who have rejected G-d for this precise reason. But does a G-dless life make it easier to suffer?
The fact is that each of us – no matter who you are – feels pain when we see innocent people senselessly suffer. If we did not have a sense of justice and compassion, why do we expect goodness to be rewarded? Why are we troubled when good people suffer?
For many people G-d is actually their only solace and source of hope in difficult times. But the question still looms large: how can a good G-d allow bad things to happen? 
Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this engaging class tackling the difficult questions of theodicy, reconciling a good and just G-d with a life where evil and bad things happen. What is the healthy way to face pain and suffering? Can we understand G-d’s ways? How do we remain strong and grow through challenges?

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