How Disruptions Lead to a New World Order

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis and global upheaval it has created has left us all reeling in shock and disbelief. How are we to react? What will happen next? And where is this all headed?

Since the turn of the new 21st century, we have been experiencing a series of upheavals. For two decades now I have described this period as a time of disruption. It began with 9/11 and it’s collateral effect. The simultaneous rise of the internet has upended our old infrastructures and methods of commerce and interactions – just take Amazon’s impact on retail markets. The election of President Trump only continued this pattern of turbulence, followed by Covid disrupting virtually every social sector, destabilizing our comfort zones.

But no one expected the trauma of our present war, which has taken the cataclysm to an entirely new level.

Beyond our immediate and short term responses, to stop the assault on the innocent and to attempt to restore some measure of calm and peace, there is no doubt that a much bigger picture is emerging. We are being challenged like never before to declare what values we stand for and what type of world we want to create.

We no longer have the luxury of taking our blessings for granted. The silver lining in these disruptions and upheavals, is it presents an opening and opportunity to create a new world order.

Over 4000 years of history has taught us that wars and global disturbances can serve as birth pains shedding a previous reality as we usher in a new paradigm.

We must now be wise to recognize these tremors as a catalyst for the need to wage the most important war of all.

Join Rabbi Jacobson – in a talk delivered a few years ago – and learn how together we can. and must, use this unprecedented time to create a new world order, to spread goodness, kindness and unity. The future is in our hands. How will we react?

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2 years ago

Encouraging. Thank you!

Jacquelyn H Contreras
2 years ago

Personally, I AM living Torah. Torah is my plumbline to whats true and real. After Purim, there is no more evil. I look, but it is gone. I look for the wicked, but he has changed. Shabbat has become so meaningful as I explore resting. Suddenly, I am able to exist and not exist, whenever I want. I create a me, then I give that me a rest. I create a problem, then I rest from it. I dont say or think anything about it. Tommorrow has its own tzaris. Maybe I wont be there for it. Now, just being here is enough. And its very good to be here. Shalom

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