How to Deal with the Nudnik, Shlemiel and Shlemazel

The Yiddish Personality Series

The Shlemiel pours soup on the Shlemazel’s lap, and the Nudnik needs to know what type of soup it is. – A famous Yiddish quote.

The Yiddish language is more than just a language. It is a culture that runs deep and has survived the darkest times through hope, faith and of course a bissel humor. It is a language that bonded the Jewish people with its unique expressions and no nonsense attitude.

From the town yente, to the kvelling Bubbe, from the kvetch that turned into quite a mentch, to the infamous shvigger.. These terms have become part of today’s lingo and between you and me, we all know at least one person they so adequately describe.. Oy Vey!

Join Rabbi Jacobson as he explores the underbelly of the Yiddish language, deciphering the complex yet fascinating Yiddish – and universal – personalities.

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