How to Find Your Own Voice: The Flame That Rises on Its Own

How much of your life reflects your own exclusive personality, and how much of it is living up to other people’s expectations and opinions? How many of your decisions are determined by your own choices, and how many by your parental attitudes projected on — and shaping — your early impressionable years? Do you even know? Long before we are consciously able to choose direction for ourselves, most of our major life choices (for good or for bad) were made for us — by our parents, educators, peers, community and early influencers. Even as we grow into adults how much of our lives are affected by our social mores and standards — the need to “fit in.” Over the years and the pressures, especially in goal-driven homes and schools — valuing more appearances and impressions than your core personality and inner beauty — how much of unique voice has gone undercover?

When our voices are not validated or worse — dismissed or mocked, we lose our self confidence and begin to second guess ourselves. How much of a role does fear and insecurity play in silencing you? And what are the consequences of your voice being lost or buried deep inside you? How does that affect our lives, our dreams and aspirations, our relationships, our ability to love with free abandon.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this inspiring flame-rising (Behaalotecho) workshop, and learn how to discover your inner voice, how to rise on your own, and make your unique mark. You were born and original; don’t become a copy. Make sure to find your voice. Don’t die with your song still inside you.

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