How to Have a Meaningful Day

On a routine day do you find yourself being reactive or proactive? Are you responding to forces around you — in your personal, social and professional life; the needs of your home and family, the demands at work, the expectations of friends? Are there other voices tugging at you and dictating your behavior? How about fears, inhibitions, habits and addictions that may be controlling your life? Do you feel that you have become a product (if not a victim) of circumstances?

It’s time to change that. And we begin by changing the way we run our daily lives.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson on an eye-opening journey into your daily schedule, offering tools to evaluate your day and to implement changes that will enhance every aspect of your experiences. Discover ways to look at your life from the inside out instead of the outside in — a day driven not by external needs and demands, but by an inner calling. Learn how to develop a mission-centric perspective, by introducing spiritual exercises that will infuse every detail of your day, even the most trivial and mundane, with deeper meaning, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Arielle Ankri
2 years ago

Thank you very much for your videos, messages, thank you for the sacred work you do. And thank you for sharing the boy’s moving story, it was really powerful, it moved me from the inside out. Gd bless you and give you the strength to continue to inspire people around the world !!

Leah Lapidus
2 years ago

This lecture on how to have a meaningful day was just what I needed just now. Thank you very much. It was a beautiful talk.

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