How to Light Up the World with Meaning

What is the single most important ingredient for a healthy and successful life?

Many answers have been offered and discussed. Is it love; wholesome relationships and healthy attachments? Is it religion; faith in a higher power that we answer to and a code of laws to follow? Or conversely, is it simply the pursuit of pleasure; enjoying the moments and living it up?

While all of these are certainly options people follow, and they may also be valid approaches, with each one playing a vital role in our lives, there is still a bedrock that lies beneath all other forces, which is absolutely necessary to living a truly wholesome and productive life.

This single most important ingredient is meaning and purpose. When you have a unique calling and distinct mission, that in turn drives everything else in your life. If you don’t have a raison d’etre, everything you do will be lacking a sense of direction and urgency. Meaning — that your life matters and all your choices matter, now and forever — is the foundation upon which every other part of your life is built, including healthy love and relationships, including religion, including enjoyment and success in every given area.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and discover how you can find your unique meaning and purpose, and how that will transform your life. We are living in a time of crisis of meaning — people everywhere are in desperate need of finding their personal mission statement. What is needed, now more than ever, is nothing less than a revolution of meaning: empowering every man, woman and child with a meaningful life. Let us join together and light up the entire world — a world that is so often shrouded in darkness and confusion — with the clarity and focus of meaning.

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