How to Recover from Heartbreak

Having a broken heart is one of the most debilitating, yet powerful, and overwhelming experiences one can encounter in life. Can one possibly avoid heartbreak? Can one heal from it? Are there ways to recover from shattered emotions, and grow from them?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he dissects the heart and its mysterious secrets in this – well – heartfelt talk on the nature of love and vulnerability. Learn powerful tools to mend the cracks, suture tears, and discover that nothing is truly as complete as a broken heart.

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Leah Giter
5 years ago

Hello Rabbi Jacobson! I am overwhelmed with emissions after listening to the class about broken heart. Because I am one of these ppl who experienced “broken heart». As we know nothing happens without a reason and nothing happens by accident. My husband and I had a kind of marriage, love, commitment , intimacy and excitement about each other and broken heart like you described. You are able to deccribe sooo perfectly,so I was able to relate to this and recognize myself as one you describe. My life was so perfect in every way. I was rich b’ ruchnios with great husband , amaizing children BH. We lived together with my husband for 38 years and it felt like one day , literary. We had sooo much love for live, for each other and the children we were blessed with and for the Godly world we lived in… We did not even feel that we are not 25 anymore . And it all ended on Chof AV almost 3 years ago., when my dear husband gave his holy soul back to the Creator … You made me cry and you made me rite to you. Up until now I did not rite a single word about my life our life. My husband OBM left huge legacy and his life and teachings inspired many, so they were able change their lives and find Eibershter in their lives… By HP I committed today for my youngest son to meet a girl. And I am thinking what should I tell him about the relationship , what should he know , read or listen. Now I do. I will BEH have him listen to this class for sure. Which other class in your arsenal do you think he should listen as well before he goes out? He is only 23. But I got this offer and maybe this is his bashert… Abd I am scared, because I am alone and lonely. He lives with me. Other children either married or live in N.Y…. Tysm
“Broken Heart»

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