Is Equality a Good Thing

As we approach July 4th, we are reminded of the revolutionary principle proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, which is really the foundation of this entire country – and the foundation of the modern world today. “All men [people] are created equal.” We are all equal and we all are entitled to equal rights.

But what does equality really mean? Is it another one of those buzzwords that is cited so often today that it ends up meaning nothing because it is overused to mean everything? And look around you.. Are we actually all equal? Some people are born with more intelligence and natural talents than others. Some are born into wealth and are blessed with other gifts that give them an edge. Some have strong leadership skills while others are followers. Every human being is different. So as noble as it sounds, is it realistic to claim that we are all truly equal? And is equality even a healthy goal — are we trying to create clones, by fitting each human being into a single mold? Shouldn’t we better be aspiring to allow each person to shine in his/her unique way, talents and traits?
Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a monumental talk on the true definition of equality as he dissects the root of the issue and offers a fresh way to look at yourself and at others. Find out how equality is not the absence of diversity; quite the contrary, they complement each other. Discover the eloquent balance between individuality and equality and learn how to thrive and become the best possible you – equal to and at the same time, not equal to any other person on earth.

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