Is G-d Relevant?

Let’s talk about God. What does God mean to you? Is God real or superstition? Do you have a personal relationship with God, or is God simply part of the culture and home you grew up in?

This three-letter word “God” evokes perhaps more conversation and debate than any other word.

And the debates continue to rage. There are firm believers, firm non-believers, firm agnostics — and those not so firm in their beliefs. Everyone has an opinion on the matter. The battle between science and religion continues to impact society to this day. With the advent of the Enlightenment, known as the Age of Reason, free and open inquiry challenged absolute religious authority. Many felt that science would replace religion. But has that happened? Are faith and reason compatible? Is God a contradiction to an open, questioning mind? Is God necessary?

What is most interesting — and bizarre — is that while we argue over God, we may not even agree or know what the word means! Before we agree or disagree – before we say whether we believe or don’t believe – shouldn’t we first define the meaning of the thing we are discussing? Reb Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev once told a self-proclaimed atheist: “The God you don’t believe in, I also don’t believe in.” Think about that!

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this important conversation that has an impact on everything and anything we are involved in. Let’s talk about God and discover what God truly means. And then we can determine whether God is relevant to our lives.

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9 months ago

I didn’t understand the power that word induced until I experienced the not-so-therapeutic side of it 😅

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