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Is There a Jewish Concept of Karma?


Karma has various meanings. Some define it as the law of causality: every action has an inevitable consequence, which will come to fruition in either this or a future life. Thus, morally good acts will have positive consequences, whereas bad acts will produce negative results and future suffering.  For some this relates to spiritual cosmic forces generated by our behavior. This obviously also touches on the issue of fate, destiny and free will. Karma for most others has evolved into a basic social phenomenon called vibes: the good or bad emanations we feel someone or something is generating.

In this unique discussion Rabbi Jacobson will explore and dissect the fundamental themes of predestination and predetermination, and the cause and effect of our behavior. Are our lives predetermined by the karma produced by previous actions? Do we believe in karma? Can we control our destiny? When we make a mistake can we change its consequences? Discover refreshing and surprising insights into the forces that shape our lives — and the forces that can transcend causality.

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One Response to “Is There a Jewish Concept of Karma?”

  1. Gerry.from San Diego

    Rabbi, With G-‘d’s grace, you will live a very long life, healthy and happy, with all your heart, all your soul and all your abilities, even beyond your imagined capabilities, to go on to inspire many people all over the world to live a better, more meaningful life!

    I enjoyed your watering the garden analogy as it reminded me of one reason I found inspiration from the story of The Shunamite Woman and Elisha. One has to make room for the Devine for the Devine to enter. Then, miracles can happen.

    Do you know how inspiring you are? You were great tonight!

    All the best….. Sorry I missed you in NY, but I really enjoyed speaking with Yisroel.

    Take care,


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