Does it Matter What People Think About You?

To what degree are we impacted by what others think of us? Do we behave differently when wanting to please others? Who would we be if we did not feel the need to satisfy or accommodate others? Healthy relationships and friendships require a measure of mutual accommodation, and sometimes compromise as well, but where do we draw the line to ensure we stay true to our identities, even in face of the human need to seek approval?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in another classic talk candidly addressing issues that often remain unspoken. Learn to look at yourself in a new way — who would you be if you did not fear being different? What kind of life would you live if what others thought of you would be a mere afterthought? To be me, or not to be me? To conform, or not to conform? This talk will teach you how to answer the question: Should it matter what people think about you?

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7 years ago

Thank you for all he insight Rabbi Jacobson. It’s really amazing how much one can learn from your lectures and also, inspiring and life changing. Thank you for the deep wisdom you share with others and deliver it in such a way that makes perfect sense. May you and your family be blessed with a Happy and Joyful Hanukkah, B”H.

7 years ago

Very insightful! Thank you very much!

7 years ago

Perfect timing,I felt compelled to wish relatives Happy Holidays.

I called 90 year old mother (who is in constant contact with many manipulative, bullying family members, like herself), and I called with a peaceful heart and happy outlook, but afterwards felt so deflated.

In this brief call she managed to cut my soul with insults, belittle me again with cruel bullying remarks, and inform me that she was enjoying holidays with other family members, as she brushed me off as being an annoying person.
I have decided that I can not associate with this family anymore, nor bare another one of their funeral gatherings.
I had stopped associating with them before, and then later when reconnecting with them, I discovered they had spread terrible gossip about me in my absence. So,I thought I should work to create a positive relationship to prevent their gossiping, and encourage them to be better people, but it did not work. I have also addressed directly to them their inappropriate behavior towards me, but that just encouraged more of their poor behavior towards me.

I had thought before that I was being the bigger person by overlooking the poor behavior on their part and that if I kept bringing light upon the situation it would improve. But, now I have realized that there are people on this earth who thrive on creating darkness and bullying others, even when they are at the end of their lives.
When I was a child, I seriously thought I was adopted, as I could not relate to my families bullying behavior, or lack of spiritual awareness, and I was so disappointed when I discovered I was genetically related to them.

Thank you for nourishing my soul, just what I needed to hear.

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