Midlife Crisis

Gain a refreshing perspective to face life’s obstacles with renewed courage and confidence in this 3 minute series, every Monday.

A viewer asks: “I’m having a midlife crisis. Help!”

Rabbi Jacobson answers this question based on thousands of years of mystical and psychological wisdom.
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8 years ago

Thank you for your advice and encouraging thoughts, they are most appreciated.
However, you tend to stereotype.
e.g. – mid -life : have children then grandchildren.
This is not so cut and dry for everyone.
Some who did marry end up divorced.
Some end up without their other half.
Some children die.
Some are without ever having a child.
Some children are not marrying, not having children.
Life is not the same for everyone.
This needs to be addressed.
What about those whose life is different.
How is their crisis addressed?
Thank you

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