The Hidden Story: 5 Secrets Purim Teaches Us Today

What is driving the war in Ukraine?
Who is Putin and what makes him tick?
What can impact him?
How will it end?
What can we do?

Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in a live broadcast on the eve of Purim to discover the surprising answers in the story of Purim – 24 centuries ago!

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David Kesserman
1 year ago


1 year ago

In the early 1800s, the evil Napoleon, who saw himself as the secular Messiah, desired to take over the world with his secular ideology. So on June 24, 1812, he tempted history by invading the Russian empire. Unlike many rabbis of that time who supported him, the Alter Rebbe would not have it. While it was true that gashmius for the Yidden might improve under Napoleon, the Rebbe, z’tl, saw that their ruchnius would certainly falter. He supported the Czar (although an evil person himself, did believe in G-d) by sending spies to track Napoleon’s army’s position. Ultimately, Napoleon reached Moscow before he was forced to turn back. Napoleon lost 524,000 of his men. The Czar saw that his victory was no less than a miracle. 

Well, could it be that history is repeating itself? Could it be there is a connection to what happened approximately 200 years ago to what is happening today? Zelensky, who the media is touting as the hero of the day, could it be he is just a puppet of the United States and NATO who have tried since the Clinton Administration to destroy Putin?

Putin is not angel, but he has been good to the Jews since he took office in 2000. In addition, he has brought stability to Russia in which 98% of his people in support of him. I believe it when he says he felt threatened by the military buildup in Eastern Ukraine by the US and had no choice but to defend his country and the Russian people in the Donetsk region. 

My advice to Jews and righteous non-Jews is to not take sides. Hashem is orchestrating this war. Just trust in Him and no one else. Not the media and not the politicians. So just sit back and watch history unfold like Purim. A Freilichen Purim to all!!!

Sondra Schneider
1 year ago

Deeply touching sentiment! Thank you for addressing our times at hand and for making these profound parallels in this discussion.

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