Strength in Face of Fear; Build What Our Enemy Seeks to Destroy

How would you respond to this letter we just received? “I had plans to visit Israel this month. But with all the latest killings and stabbings happening there, my family is very frightened and pressuring me to cancel our trip. I am an avid viewer of your online classes which consistently offer clear and solid direction, and would deeply appreciate your advice on the matter.” Indeed, wherever we may be, we all face various fears in our lives. “All roads,” says the Talmud, “are assumed dangerous.” How then do you deal with the inherent risks and hazards you encounter on your journeys? Do you retreat, stay put or forge ahead?

With the recent slew of attacks on Jews this dilemma is acutely relevant today in Israel and for Jews anywhere in the world.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this timely Vayetzei workshop as he gleans lessons from Jacob’s gathering confidence and strength in his perilous journey. Discover how to deal with fears in face of menacing forces that threaten us. By dissecting the anatomy of fear and our own insecurities we can learn how to develop the courage and fortitude necessary to take on any challenge.

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