The Birth of a Legend: Discovering the Power of Moses Within Me

In this week’s Torah Portion, Shmot, one of the most famous and heroic characters in all of history is born. Moses (Moshe) was born a simple man, a shepherd and man of few words. And yet Moses was the one chosen by G-d himself to save the Jewish people — bringing them out of Egypt, leading them through 40 years in the desert, delivering the Torah to them on Sinai, and ultimately leading them to the Holy Land.

G-d could’ve easily chosen a charismatic leader, someone with the confidence and ability to find his own words to stand up to Pharaoh and all the enemies and hindrances along the journey out of exile. And yet he chose Moses. Why? Because the true power of a REAL leader is bittul, humility, the nullification of one’s own thoughts and ideas for the greater cause. A true leader listens to the higher power, the divine, without imposing his own opinions and ego. A true leader is selfless and thoughtful, putting his people’s needs before his own. That is what legends are made of.

Thousands of years later, we must take a lesson from Moses and discover the power of Moses within each of us. Can I put my own selfish ego aside to see what my family and friends need? Can I step up and be a leader, a hero, bravely paving a path toward freedom of our constraints and limitations? Or am I getting in the way of myself?

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