The Indestructible Power of Light

Is there anything in life that is indestructible? We are mere mortals, finite creatures in a physical world where everything in existence seems to be impermanent. Things erode, deteriorate, and ultimately age and perish.

That inner search for eternity, for immorality – is that just a fantasy or is it indeed possible?

Chanukah teaches us the secret to immortality, the indestructible power of light that turns the finite infinite and the ordinary extraordinary.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as we learn how to access that light within ourselves and within the world around us. Especially now, in dark times, finding that indestructible power of light is needed more than ever.

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Marie Claire
6 months ago

Rabbi, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I would love to attend your daily esoteric classes which you have mentioned on the 10th January, is there any way I can access this from the UK please? Thank you, Claire

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