The Kabbalah of Love

Love. One simple word that is far from simple. Love contains volumes upon volumes. Everyone uses the word, but does anyone know what it means? No matter what culture, race, religion or nationality, love — or the lack thereof — is everywhere.

From the beginning of time, authors, poets, songwriters and artists have tried to define love; the simple word connoting longing, passion, connections, complexity, depth, beauty, heartache, intensity, to name a few of its many facets. Love has moved mountains, but it has also destroyed nations. The best and the worst of people have emerged in the name of love.

So what is this love? Is it biological or spiritual? Is it real or imagined? Love to the human spirit is like water to a flower. Everybody needs it and yet we find it so elusive. It lies at the heart and foundation of all of life and yet it’s so difficult to find healthy, nurturing love.

What would life be like without love? Can a child grow up healthy without love? Is there such a thing as dysfunctional love? Is love selfless or selfless?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this critical discussion and discover age-old secrets from the Kabbalah about the essence of true, healthy love. By contrasting it with current scientific views on love, learn new and deeper dimensions of love that may surprise you, including how love (and the need for love) drives everything we do — even our destructive behaviors. Find out how to create relationships that are not only meaningful and sustainable, but connections that will be eternal.

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Marc l'Ours Langlois
1 year ago

Thank you.

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