The Kabbalah of Psychology: Joy and Depression

Joy and Depression – Adar Workshop

Is there anything more enthralling than getting to know yourself? Anything more intriguing than understanding what makes you tick? (We must, of course, qualify this considering that some people would prefer to know less about themselves; some are even terrified by the prospect of exploring the self. But that’s another discussion. On the other hand, there may be people who think they know all they need to know about themselves. That too is the subject of another conversation). We can safely say that most people would like to know more about their own makeup, and what defines their personalities and drives their reactions and decisions.

There is much talk lately about mapping the human genome. How about the spiritual genome? Imagine being able to get an x-ray of your psyche, a CAT scan of your soul. What do you think it would look like? How would it help us diagnose problems and suggest solutions? Beyond our wiring, can we also get a picture of the impact our environment and conditioning has on our personalities? Why are some of us more resilient than others? Why do some people have a joyful disposition and others a despondent one (beyond any clinical or chemical reasons)? Is this innate or acquired? Can we do anything about it? Even if we are wired a certain way, can we rewire ourselves?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening Adar workshop traveling into the soul of the psyche. Titled, The Kabbalah of Psychology, you will discover how Jewish mysticism provides us with an x-ray of our souls, offering you a blueprint into our own minds and hearts, as well as their supra-conscious dimensions — giving us a rare glimpse into the forces that define our ups and downs, our joys and depressions, and the other factors that shape our daily lives. Learn methods to enter your own inner sanctum and re-calibrate your “settings,” as well as new tools to access unprecedented sources of courage and power.

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