The Kabbalah of Time: 4 Time Management Tips that Will Change Your Life


Is time your friend or your enemy?

On one hand we’re always trying to beat the clock and meet deadlines. The pressure of time – the constant tik tok, tik tok – can be overwhelming and even downright scary. Our time is limited, every minute that passes can never be reclaimed and it keeps on moving no matter what. We literally cannot do anything physical to stop time and the aging process.

On the other hand, time keeps us moving, motivating us to make the most of it. It reflects our full life journey – the past, present and future. It defines our milestones and achievements. It’s the way we function and get anything and everything done. Time is the fuel that keeps our life on track.

What exactly is time? Is it real or imaginary? Does it have a soul? How should we best utilize our time and manage it most efficiently? How can time become our ally?

Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this critical discussion on the very nature of time. Discover four steps — reflected in the four-letter acronym of T.I.M.E. — that will empower you to tap into the energy of time and enhance your life. Learn how to maximize your time in fulfilling your very mission in this world.

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9 months ago

I’m so grateful to find the MLC and all the wisdom you share just when I needed it most. Having an accident has revealed just how precious every moment is! I’m drinking it all in with tears of joy. Thank you!

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