The Kabbalah of Today’s Global Conflicts: The Battles between Islam, Christianity and Judaism

With the current war raging in Israel, the big question returns. Why is it that this region – more than anywhere else in the entire world – has had so many battles and fought so many wars over the last three millennia?

From the beginning of Biblical times with the war over the land of Canaan and the land of Israel, to the wars waged by the Assyrians, Babylonians and the Romans (just to name a few), to the rise of the major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam battling over control of Jerusalem and the promised land – the Middle East is in a perpetual state of war.

Today’s war is nothing new. This doesn’t diminish the tragedy, and the pain and suffering, but seeing this centuries-old pattern behooves us to retrace the steps and explore the history and the roots of these battles.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this eye-opening discussion and discover the underlying historical, religious and spiritual forces at work here. Recognizing the root of the issues will help us seek out sustainable and long-term solutions.

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