Under Your Skin: The Interstitium

Do you ever find yourself feeling uneasy that your life is kind of empty and aimless? Believe it or not, that feeling is the beginning of a spiritual awakening. Every epiphany, every wake-up call, every transition, starts with a state of discomfort, as you move from one paradigm to another.

What other signs are there that indicate the opening of new opportunities? Are we missing these signs due to our dismissing them as just temporary nuisances or setbacks? If you’re stuck in a rut, how do you get yourself out of it? Are there ways to generate change and growth in your life when you’re trapped by your daily routines and habits? How do spiritual awakenings happen and how do you get started and maintain that awakening?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this intriguing discussion on navigating the twists and turns and ups and downs of your life journey. Learn to recognize those moments when a new opportunity presents itself — including seeing disappointments as springboards — and how to take advantage and turn it into an awakening to a higher state of awareness and consciousness. Discover methods to expand your horizons and open up new channels of blessings in your life and in your relationships.

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Ashley Rojas
4 years ago

What is the name of the body of work that you teach from that was discussed in this video…item bays? Really interested. Thanks.

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