What is Intelligence?

How the Mind Works

All of us are blessed with the ability to reason, think and conceive of ideas. We are, what is called, intelligent beings. But what exactly is intelligence? Where does it come from and are there ways to become more intelligent? What stops the unconscious mind from flowing into the conscious one, and are there ways to open up our creative channels?

The epic mystical treatise called Ayin Beis, whose centennial we celebrate this year, addresses this very question, offering us, like never before, a map of the human mind and how the unconscious “speaks” to our conscious minds. In elaborate fashion, Ayin Beis presents a formula to expand our consciousness and horizons, to grow from a more limited, myopic perception to appreciating new dimensions, which in turn open us up to enirely new possibilities, ones we never could have imagined possible.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating discussion on the lessons we learn from this week’s Parshat Chukat about the way our minds work. Discover how you can access new areas of your brain to help you live a more fulfilling and successful life.

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