What Is The Meaning Behind The WAR IN ISRAEL and Simchat Torah?

On October 7th, 2023, on the festive holiday of Simchat Torah, Israel’s southern border was infiltrated and attacked by the terrorist organization, Hamas. Celebrations were abruptly hindered and ceased by the deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians across the country. In a historically shocking development, the highest number of Jewish murders since the holocaust unfolded. Entire villages were torn apart, leaving behind a graphic trail of blood that Israel has never seen before.

As the world mourns the losses of so many, and as Israel ramps up its retaliation towards the Gaza strip, we are left wondering what the meaning behind the timing of this is. If there is a G-d and everything happens for a reason, surely we are supposed to learn something from this… right? World-renowned author and speaker, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, speaks humbly from the heart in this episode. Taking on a new tone of voice, Chaz Volk, host of Bad Jew, learns with Jacobson in this sensitive and complicated episode.

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