What You Say is What You Get: The Power of Words

What You Say is What You Get: The Power of Words

Words have always been powerful — more than we imagine. But they have never been as potent as they are in today’s information age and communications revolution. There was a time when our words reached only the people we spoke with or wrote to. Our conversations were limited to those around us, and they were not recorded for posterity. But today, with the explosion of technology — internet, social media, smartphone — every word we say or write has been amplified beyond anything anyone could ever have envisioned. Our words are streamed and broadcast to the entire world; they can go viral reaching millions if not billions of people; and they remain etched forever in cyberspace and beyond.

Posts on today’s platforms can incite a mob, destroy a person’s reputation as well as spawn a revolution. On the positive side, a kind word can inspire and comfort large numbers of people.

But is our sensitivity to the words we utter up to par with their exponential reach? As our platforms and methods of communications have expanded, have we developed deeper care, respect and empathy to ensure that our words are being used in the best possible way? Are we appreciating the gifts we have today? Do we understand the implications of our words — and their impact?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and explore the deeper roots of our power of speech and communication. Discover how your words are actually connectors and interfaces between your inner soul and faculties and the people and world around you. Let us ensure that we no longer take for granted our ability to speak with each other.

The better we understand how speech communicates our ideas and feelings, the better we will connect with each other. Learn how your words are streaming energy into the environment around you; how they create a vibe that shapes your surroundings and the people you are speaking with. And above all, how what you say is what you get — how the energy of your words echoes back to you and defines the reaction and response you will receive from others.

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Michael Hanson
2 years ago

“Evil tongue”. Guilty. Will be more aware. Thank you for the lesson. Loving-Kindness. With love. Mike Hanson

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