Why Are Our Leaders Failing Us?

Let’s talk about the state of leadership today. Our modern world is blessed in many ways. Unprecedented success and prosperity, breathtaking breakthroughs in science and medicine, revolutionary technology that is dramatically raising our standard of living. The list goes on. Yet we also face many profound challenges. Our society is deeply polarized. We are witnessing a deterioration of personal values, with a foreboding sense of feeling lost at sea, without a clear moral compass to guide us.

At times like this we are in desperate need for leadership.

But where are our leaders? Throughout history, true leadership has been a guiding force, offering direction, instilling confidence, empowering individuals, and helping us tap into our inner resources. Today, there is a stark absence of such leadership. While we all possess innate strengths, the pressures and demands of our subjective lives often blind us to the broader picture. This is why we look to leaders for vision.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in a timely and crucial discussion on the nature of leadership and why our current leaders appear to be failing us. Explore what we can do to change the status quo. When we are unable to impact things from the top down, we need to work from the bottom up — by us becoming the leaders we seek, and creating standards that demand true leaders to rise.

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7 days ago

So grateful you could not have brought up a more meaningful and crucial subject. Volumes again can be written not only of its causes, but also of its solutions. Many we know and some we don’t know. check out “The Georgia Guidestones”. That will give us a start to know ” Why are Leaders Failing us. Leaders knew the powerful were too powerful to fight back. But, as of this moment soon it will be reveal why their game is over. I need to stop here, but I would to happy to continue this with you. Though most would pack their bag for the highest mountains, I don’t consider my retirement an ending. I hear a voice that it just maybe my rebirth. Well, lets see what the unknown has to offer.
Thank you for your most important and needed topic.

The Meaningful Life Center