Why Did a Spiritual G-d Create a Material World?

Let’s talk about spirituality. It’s pretty much a given today that beneath the material surface of existence lies layers and layers of energy. What we experience with our senses — sight, sound, taste, touch and smell — is only the tip of the iceberg. Whether you call it energy, or spirit, or the inner workings, or the dna or the microscopic quantum state – there is a deeper dimension to our world that remains hidden to the physical eye.

We will define it as spiritual energy. But what is spirituality? What does the very word spirit mean?

Conventional thinking divides existence into two dimensions: spirit/energy and body/matter. And with the knowledge that e=mc2 we also discovered that energy and matter are actually reversible – they’re both forms of energy just in different states of the same reality. (Just as heated water turns into gas and transforms into ice when frozen.) We also see our lives through this two-dimensional prism: 1. the material part of our lives — survival, and 2) the spiritual part of our lives — transcendence. The sensory and the supersensory, the physical and the metaphysical.

But is there more to it? Are there only two reversible dimensions to our lives?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and discover that there is actually a third dimension – that is beyond spirit or matter! And accessing this third dimension is the secret to dealing with the inherent tension between matter and spirit, and the key to creating ultimate and total fusion of our material and physical lives.

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