Why? How? What Can We Do? How to React to the Tragic War in Israel

We – and every decent person in this world – are shocked by the heartwrenching events and the tragic war taking place in Israel. How can a decent human being not be horrified by the brutal atrocities perpetrated against innocent civilians; men, women, children, elderly murdered in cold blood, abused, degraded, tortured and taken hostage in the most inhumane way. We are united and devastated in pain and confusion.

How could this happen? Why did God allow it? How should we react to this? What should be our approach and what can we do about it?

As we continue to reel from the news, we have many, many questions. But most importantly, what is our role in a historic time like this? This is clearly a watershed moment, a game changer for the Middle East and for the entire world. The annals of history will look back at this time and ask: what did you do?

What did we do?

To shine some light, provide perspective and clarity and offer direction and hope in these difficult times, please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this timely and critical discussion.

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