Why Is Memory So Important? The Past Gives Birth to the Future

Why is memory so important? How does it affect our lives on a daily basis? How can it transform us?

Very often if you want to appreciate something, you have to think what life would be like without it. What would our days look like if we did not have our memories? If every morning we woke up with a clean slate, a blank picture and we had to rebuild everything anew… If we didn’t have our past experiences, thoughts, and memories to inform our present and future..

As we celebrate Memorial Day, the official beginning of the summer, it’s fitting to give some thought to the power of memory and how it contributes to our existence.

This is not just about nostalgically living in the past and going back in time, but it’s about memories that live on and inform, educate and teach us to learn from the mistakes and to improve on the good things.

So please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as we honor and memorialize those that have fallen and also take this opportunity to remember everyone that has contributed to our lives. Discover that without memory we actually don’t have history, and without history we have no future.

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