Why Is Violence on the Rise?

It seems that we cannot go a day without every news site and social media feed bombarding us with articles and videos on violence, aggression and acts of inhumanity.

Racism, anti-semitism, terrorism and gun violence seem to be on the rise across our nation, and the world at large.

What is going on? After a year of shutdowns and lockdowns are people simply going stir crazy? Did the pandemic bring out the worst in people? Did it somehow highlight our differences and dormant hatred as opposed to uniting us and finding common ground in our fight for global health?

Or are there other factors at play? Political unrest, disruptions to our everyday life, a breakdown of police-community relations, an obsession with violent video games, an increase of guns purchased… Or is there something deeper going on…

Join Rabbi Jacobson as he dissects the spiritual anatomy of human nature and how we can each play a part in being part of the solution.

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