Why Should We be Deprived?

Surprise: Nobody is perfect. Yet people deal with their deficiencies (real or perceived) in very different ways. Some of us retreat in shame. Others develop lower expectations, low self-confidence and esteem, and all its associated baggage. There are those who compromise their own abilities in fear of failure. And some even change and distort their identities, personalities and characters, forever burying what they are truly capable of. Then there are the rarer few that actually take on their handicaps and uncover deeper strengths. Whoever you are, and whatever your challenges may be, each of us adjusts in many ways, including unhealthy ones, to our imperfections and weaknesses. Each of us adapts in our own strange way to our limitations and failings. What is the healthy way to deal with inadequacies and overcome shortcomings?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this disarming Pesach Sheni/Bechukotei workshop, teaching us how to confront our challenges and flaws with surprising and refreshing methods, leaving you not only hopeful, but filled with new and invigorating energy to take on any difficulty or deficiency.

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