Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

Do you ever have an identity crisis? Wondering who you truly are? Whether your active personality is your own or one shaped and defined — or even cloned — by your parents and other influences that impacted you in your formative years? Can you distinguish between who you are and what you do? Between your essential self and the one responding to other people’s standards, expectations, demands and critique? You were born an original; have you become a copy? Has your unique and individual voice been silenced or drowned out by the noise and turbulence of others surrounding you?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this piercing talk and learn how to discover yourself. How to separate between the subjective forces that have shaped you and discover the true you. Find out how to access the original you before it was quieted, redirected or distorted. It’s high time that you free yourself from the binds and fears that block you from singing your unique and independent song?

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