Your Two Souls

From the beginning of time, thinkers and philosophers, writers and poets, virtually everyone from every school of thought, have been wrestling to find a way to cope with the perpetual struggle of the human condition — between survival and transcendence. The inherent tension and dissonance that this struggle creates in our psyches lays at the heart of so many of our anxieties, fears and neuroses.

Which school of psychology has presented us with the most thorough and comprehensive response to this dilemma? Many attribute Freud with being the father of modern psychology. Obviously, there are other psychologists that have debunked Freud and offered their own models. Yet Freud still remains the authority to disagree with. What is almost unknown is that over 100 years before Freud a psychological revolution took place that can change every aspect of our lives.

Today is the 219th anniversary of a historical event, which set in motion a new psychology of life — one that can help us balance the conflicting voices within us competing for our attention and focus.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he honors this day with a profound yet practical presentation of this psychological model that can transform our very lives and the destiny of our universe.

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