Was Moses Orthodox? Part 1

Orthodox Judaism

by Simon Jacobson

Or Conservative? Or Reform? For that matter, is G-d Orthodox, Conservative or Reform? Is He Jew or Gentile? Black or white? Man or woman? Obviously, all these human distinctions are completely inapplicable when trying to define the ethereal and divine. Spirit cannot be quantified with material descriptions.

That is why I do not recognize the legitimacy of Reform Judaism. Nor, for that matter, do I recognize the legitimacy of Orthodox Judaism, or Conservative, Ultra Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Chassidic, Conservadox, Reformadox . . . did I miss anyone?

All these man-made titles are a result of humans being drawn to the “country club” mentality. We want to be part of a group. But inherent to this mentality is stereotyping anyone that does not “belong” to your identifiable group. How many of us feel uncomfortable – or are made to feel that way – in certain “synagogues” because we don’t “fit in?” We don’t dress a certain way, do not belong to the same social circle and economic scale, and cannot read Hebrew quickly enough.

True unity, true Jewish unity, will only be possible if we all rise above the petty club mentality and embrace each other, regardless of education and background, as we should embrace a brother and sister, recognizing that we are all children of the same G-d, and each of us has a soul and a unique spiritual destiny.

Observance of Torah and Mitzvot does not create, eliminate or alter your inherent soul. What it does is fan the flames of your soul and allow it to manifest itself in your life, permeate your being and express and actualize your innermost resources. Not unlike any potential talent that remains to be realized.

The objective of life is to allow your soul to emerge on a conscious level and imbue your personality and all your activities with a higher awareness, sensitivity and refinement.

Once you allow that to happen, you’ll never want to be Orthodox again. Just Jewish, like Moses.

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John Delport
15 years ago

Reading your article brought a smile to my dial. You have a wonderful gift of handling a subject with balance, wisdom, diplomacy, and a delightful sprinkling shade of humor. Thank you so much for being a blessing to us all who read your teachings. John Delport 6 Marie Court, Wellington Avenue, Wynberg, 7800 Cape Town, South Africa.

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