2020: A Vision for Tomorrow – Part II



As we enter 2020, the third decade of the third millennium, many of us are wondering what the future holds.

We are currently experiencing plenty of changes. Polarization and upheaval is in the air. The road ahead will certainly offer us many opportunities while also presenting us with many challenges. But we are often trapped by nearsightedness, in which we only see the here and now and cannot see beyond our noses.

What will the next decade bring? How will our future look? Are we entering a new world order? Can we identify signs and patterns that help us forecast the world of tomorrow? What methods can we employ to help us navigate the terrain of the coming years.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in part two of this 2020 workshop as he takes a birds’ eye view on our unfolding lives and evolving world. By looking at the big picture with a panoramic lens we can discover a broader perspective of our lives and destinies. We can learn to recognize the inner narrative and choreography of today’s events, which in turn informs the details of our small picture, and allows us to make better decisions and plans.

What better way to enter 2020 with a lens that helps us see things with 20/20 vision?


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