Issue 11 | Parshat Eikev | Why Do We Eat?



The Power of Food and the Kabbalah of Gastronomy 

Some things in life are so common, so basic and routine, that we never question them. 

For example, why do we eat? How can a lowly piece of bread nourish and sustain life? Why are we dependent on food and drink to survive? Is there anything more to hunger and thirst than just food deprivation? Why are our appetites different, with some of us craving certain foods and others desiring different cuisines? What is the power of a blessing on food? 

These are questions that we rarely ask. Yet, it is in these seemingly insignificant experiences that we find the deepest secrets to life. 

A powerful insight from the Baal Shem Tov, answers these and other questions, and reveals the surprising and enormous power of our meals and all our physical activities – based on one simple verse in this week’s Torah portion. 

The Baal Shem Tov’s perspective brings alive the theme of food and blessings in this Torah chapter – in very relevant terms that can change the way you look at your entire life.


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