Issue 20 | Parshat Bereishit | Confusion in Paradise



Strange Objects and Soulful Soles: The Power of Simchat Torah Dancing 

We all have dramatic moments in our lives. Enchanting times when we rise above the din and tediousness of existence and experience majesty. But then there are the “regular,” dull moments – which occupies most of our lives – when nothing spectacular or breathtaking is happening. And we wonder does anybody care? Is anybody watching? 

We know the awesome power of prayer that pierces the heavens and can change destiny. But what about our simple, mundane activities: Can we ever hope to relieve the monotony of the daily wear and tear and experience transcendence? 

We know the enormous strength of a tzaddik, whose devotion can change the course of history. But what about the simple person, who does not have any special power and energy? 

One morning, the angels in heaven discovered strange objects scattered in heavenly Paradise. Perplexed, they came seeking clarity. The answer they were given – as explained by the Baal Shem Tov – teaches us the astonishing energy generated by the simplest of acts; the enormous power created by the lowest of objects – the torn soles of our shoes!


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