Issue 24 | Chayei Sarah | Time to Complain



Be Careful What You Answer 

When we are asked “how things are going?” – how often do we mechanically respond “Good, Boruch Hashem” (thank G-d), even when we are suffering in pain? But is this the appropriate answer? 

We are all familiar with the lofty quality of accepting “your lot” with joy. That even when things are difficult, we ought to transcend the situation and forge ahead with positivity. “Who is wealthy?” we are told, “one who is satisfied with his portion.” 

Yet sometimes it’s important to complain, and not be content or try to ignore a tough situation. 

As we read in this week’s chapter about the passing of Sarah and Abraham – our parents in heaven who cry for the welfare of their children – a powerful story from the Baal Shem Tov underscores the critical need to cry out in protest when things are difficult. 

And it also teaches us how careful you need to be when answering a question posed to you… You never know why you are being asked. And you never know what opportunity you may have missed with a pat response…


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