Issue 43 | Parshat Vayikra | Our Greatest Asset



And Strongest Weapon

What is our single greatest asset?

The answer lies in this week’s Torah portion, which we read as we enter the season of redemption – Purim followed by Passover.

The Baal Shem Tov (1694-1760), anticipated the challenges to come in the new emancipated world. With the prescience of a visionary, he recognized the psychological and emotional difficulties that would face the new free world. That despite – or because of – all our breathtaking advancements in technology, medicine and science – radically improving virtually every area of our lives – affluence, comfort and leisure would present us with a whole new series of troubles and confusion.

As the true leader he was, the Baal Shem Tov, sensing the success and prosperity to come, invested his energy in the greatest of all our assets, and taught us to make sure to cultivate and nurture the force that would be able to withstand and harness our newfound comforts. A force that would not be seduced and overwhelmed by the material powers that be, but would instead direct this progress toward higher, spiritual ends.

Discover the nature of this priceless asset, and learn how it can literally save us and our world.


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