Issue 54 | Parshat Bamidbar | Flourish and Bear Fruit



Two Personality Types: The Cedar and the Date-Palm

What is missing in this profile: Strong, tall, handsome and beautiful. Righteous and devout. A person who is in a continuous state of deveikut(attachment) to G-d and performs the service incumbent upon him.

In this insight, based on a Midrash in this week’s Torah portion, the Baal Shem Tov teaches us that there are two types of people – both perfectly righteous. One is like a cedar – a personality that is strong, tall, and beautiful. However, it produces no fruit. Another is like the date-palm, which is not as elegant as the cedar, but it possesses another quality, which is even greater and more crucial: it “flourishes” and produces beautiful and sweet fruit that energizes all who eat it.

Which one are you?


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